I Have Done – Present Perfect

Gramma – Present Perfect

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Today class is about Grammar. Specifilcally about Present Perfect. So… enjoy!

I Have Done – Present Perfect

His shoes are dirty

He cleaning his shoes

He has cleaned his shoes


They are at home

They are going out

They have gone out


Has cleaned / Have gone [is the present perfect  (have + past participle):

Have done present perfect

Have done present perfect2


Regular verbs  –  The past participle is  -ed ( the same as the past simple):

  Clean – I have cleaned

Finish – we have finished

Start – she has started


Irregular verbs  –  The past participle is not -ed .

Sometimes the past simple and past participle are the same:

Buy – I bought / I have bought

Have –  he had / she has had

Sometimes  the past simple and past participle are different:

Break – I broke / I have broken

See – you saw / you have seen

Fall – It fell / it has fallen

Go – They went / they have gone



We use the present perfect for an action in the past with a result now:
I’ve lost my passport . ( = I can´t find my passport now)

Where’s Anna? She’s gone to bed. ( = she is in bed now)

It’s Rachel’s birthday tomorrow and I haven’t bought her present. ( = I don’t have a present to her now)

Bob is away on holiday. Oh, where has he gone? ( = where is he now?)

Can I take this newspaper? Have you finished with it? ( = do you need it now?)




[Grammar in use / Cambridge] Complete the sentences with a verb from the box.


  1. Can I have a look at you news paper? Yes, I __________ with it.
  2. I __________________________some news shoes. Do you want to see them?
  3. Where is Liz? She’s not here. She _______________ out.
  4. I’m looking for Paula. ______________ you ________________ her?
  5. Look! Somebody ___________________ that window.
  6. Does Lisa know that you’re going away? Yes, I ___________________ her.
  7. I can’t find my umbrella. Somebody __________________ it.
  8. Where are my glasses? I don’t know. I _________________ them.
  9. I’m looking for Sarah. Where ______________ she _____________ ?
  10. I know that woman, but I _________________ her name.
  11. Sue is having a party tonight. She _________________ a lot of people.
  12. What are you going to do? ____________ you _______________ ?
  13. Does Bill know about the meeting tomorrow? I don’t so. I ______________ him.
  14. Do you want this magazine? No, I ___________________ it thanks.

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